Omgevingsmonitor - waarschijnlijkheid scenario's

Early Warning System

Monitor trends en scenario’s


  • Understand the impact and urgency of trends

  • Understand the probability of scenarios

  • Understand the relevance of strategic options

  • Engage in a strategic dialog

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Early Warning System

Quickly respond to change

The unique online Early Warning System makes the outside world tangible. The tool aids organizations in monitoring the outside world in real time. The Early Warning System enables you to learn from your environment and to prepare your organization for the future. This makes you more responsive to changes and better equipped to quickly adjust your business model or strategy!

Keep monitoring your scenarios

The foundation of the Early Warning System is formed by the critical uncertainties for your organization. These are unpredictable developments with great impact on which the scenarios are built. The tool lets you connect change indicators to these critical uncertainties. Regularly monitoring these indicators provides insight into which uncertainties and scenarios are coming closer and thus are becoming more relevant. Important information to timely adjust your strategy and quickly act.

Certainties and uncertainties

A trend is a pattern of gradual change. You know the direction of this change.

An uncertainty is a change in the environment. But the direction or the pace of the change is uncertain.

Your early warning system in 5 steps

Step 1: Define monitoring needs

Determine the key external uncertainties, trends and/or scenarios that you want to monitor.

Step 2: Generate key change indicators

For each of the key uncertainties, several key change indicators are defined. Key change indicators cover certain aspects or parts of the overarching key uncertainty.

Step 3: Compose your expert panel

The expert panel provides you with insight information on how key change indicators develop over time. This panel is always custom made and consists of experts from different fields. You can choose to compile your own panel or have us assist you in this process.

Step 4: Select dashboard items

Choose your own dashboard items. The dashboard visualizes the changing probability of scenarios, the changing probability of key uncertainties, the composition of your expert panel etc. Depending on your wishes, we determine which dashboard items from our selection of 30+ graphs will be included and shown in your Early Warning tool.

Step 5: Discuss the findings

Share the results of the Early Warning System on the community and discuss the implications for your business model or strategy.

Stay ahead by monitoring your external environment and act in time

Overview of functionality

Online survey

Send survey invitations from our tool

Invitations are sent by email

Experts get a personal link to the survey

Present the scenario’s and dashboard to the experts

Send reminders to experts who didn’t respond


Early warning dashboard

Compose your own dashboard from our selection of 30+ graphs

Probability of scenario’s

Probability of key uncertainties and indicators

Relevance of strategic choices and options

Compare years or different groups of respondents

Composition of the expert panel

Consensus about probability of indicators

Future blog

Share new developments and reports on the blog

Discuss the results of the early warning monitor

Ask the community for their opinion

Comment on articles




Insight in website use provided by Google Analytics

Download all survey answers to Excel-spreadsheet


Daily or weekly updates by email, with the newest posts and responses

Update is automatically sent to all members

Members can adjust the frequency of the alerts or sign out

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