Make use of the knowledge and creativity of the group

  • Brainstorm online with stakeholders

  • Choose your own topics

  • Edit input and make connections

  • Download the outcome in PDF

Brainstorm in 2 steps

1. Brainstorm

In this step we collect all the input. Invite colleagues or externals to think along. By involving more people you’ll get a rich input and more creativity. You choose your own topics and themes for the brainstorm.

Brainstorm on the selected topics or themes.

All participants can participate individually or together in the brainstorming.

See the results of the brainstorm.

Download the outcome as PDF.

2. Refine

Incorporate the input from the brainstorming into a logical outcome. Tighten up the wording and make choices. Ask for feedback from colleagues or externals you work with to refine the results.

Edit items to refine the results.

Ask for feedback and incorporate the comments into the next version.

All versions remain accessible.

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