OGSM Strategy Creator

Creating and monitoring strategy


  • Translate ambition into strategic choices and actions

  • Online brainstorming with stakeholders

  • Monitor the progress of actions

  • Easy to use through interactive interface


OGSM is a model to translate your ambition into concrete goals, strategic choices and actions. OGSM stands for Objective , Goals , Strategies and Measures (Key Performance Indicators and actions).

OGSM in 3 steps

The tab ‘Status’ helps you get started and shows the latest updates in the tool.

1. Brainstorm

In this step we collect all input for the components of OGSM. Invite colleagues or externals to think along. By involving more people you get rich input and more creativity.

Brainstorm on the elements of OGSM.

All participants can, together or individually, participate in the brainstorming.

2. Refine

Process input from the brainstorming into a logical OGSM strategy. Tighten up formulations and make choices. Ask for feedback from colleagues and externals you work with to refine your OGSM.

Edit items to tighten up the OGSM card.

Ask for feedback and incorporate the comments into the next version.

Download the result as PDF.

3. Implement

Implement the actions of the OGSM card and monitor the progress.

The actions on the OGSM card end up in the Action Plan so you can monitor the implementation.

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