OGSM tool

Creating and monitoring strategy

  • Translate ambition into strategic choices and actions

  • Online brainstorming with stakeholders

  • Monitor the progress of actions

  • Easy to use through interactive interface

OGSM model

With OGSM you can create strategic plans in one overview. From objective and goals to strategic choices and actions.

Create OGSM

The OGSM tool helps you step-by-step to come to strategic plans, together with the most important stakeholders.

Monitor OGSM

With the OGSM tool you always have insight into the progress of the execution, so that you continuously learn and improve.

OGSM model


The objective is the organisation’s big dream. What do you want to achieve together? A good objective gives direction and energy.


The goals make the objective concrete and measurable. In this way, you all have the same image in mind and you can actually measure whether the ambition has been achieved.


What choices do you make to realise your objective? Where do you put the people and resources? The aim is to create a clear roadmap to achieve the objective.

Measures: Dashboard

What indicators do you use to monitor progress? The indicators make the strategies concrete and measurable. During the duration of the plan, you steer on these indicators.

Measure: Actions

What actions (projects) will you carry out within each strategic choice? Focus on the actions that are necessary, so no ‘nice-to-have’ actions.

OGSM: create strategy or annual plans

OGSM platform for multiple departments and teams

On the OGSM platform several groups can collaborate on their plan in OGSM format

Determine for each group who has access and whether one can participate in the process or just watch

Own domain name, logo and colour scheme

Online brainstorming and asking for feedback

Brainstorming with stakeholders on the objective, goals, strategies, indicators and actions in the OGSM

Use the online brainstorm module to report on an offline brainstorm and get feedback from the participants

Use the Business Model, Trend Analysis and Scenario Planning tools to discover the challenges your strategy needs to address

Publish OGSM

Edit items to refine the OGSM

Select owners for strategies and actions

Use labels to indicate which business units or departments are involved in the strategies

Save old versions to be able to see the history

Download the OGSM as pdf or Excel-file

Do you want to test the OGSM tool?

Execute the OGSM and monitor the progress

Monitoring progress at a glance

On the overview of the OGSM you immediately see the status of the OGSM

The traffic light (green, orange, red) shows whether the strategies, indicators and actions are going according to plan

Post updates to strategies and actions to keep all participants informed of the progress

Status of indicators

With each indicator you see the target value and the most recent measured value

Save the history of measurements

In the graph you can immediately see if you are on track to reach your goal

Status of actions

On the overview of the OGSM you can immediately see the progress of each action, from 0-100%

The traffic light (green, orange, red) shows whether actions are going according to plan

The icon with the talking cloud immediately shows that the actios has a status update

Getting started with the Action Plan
The Action Plan includes all actions from the OGSM

Group actions by strategic choices or responsible

Drag actions to the ‘busy’ column to start them and to the ‘finished’ column to finish them.

The overview of updates shows at a glance all changes in actions or the OGSM.

View more information about the Action Plan

Monitor the status of multiple OGSMs

The OGSM dashboard provides direct insight into the progress of selected OGSMs

You can immediately see how many goals, strategies, indicators and actions are on red, orange or green

See the progress (0-100%) of all actions in the OGSM

Easily choose which OGSMs you want to see on the dashboard

With one click you can open an OGSM for more details

Monitor actions from multiple OGSMs

The OGSM dashboard provides direct insight into the progress of actions from selected OGSMs

View all actions assigned to you

See actions with due dates in the past, or in a week or month

View all actions marked as red or orange

Filter actions with a specific label

Easily choose which OGSMs you want to see on the dashboard


Log of all changes

Every change in the OGSM is recorded. Notifications:

– Starting or completing an action
– Changes in progress (percentage and traffic light)
– Changes to the deadline
– Changes to the content of items
– New comments

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