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Grip on strategy with OGSM

The OGSM tool helps teams to come to clear plans and to implement them. Always insight into the progress of strategies and actions. Continuous learning and improvement.

Set course & get results

Online tools for co-creating vision and strategy and monitoring execution

To work

Practical roadmaps and checklists for creating and executing strategy.

From plan to visible result

Successful organizations have a clear plan. They make sharp choices and get to work. They stay on track, but are also flexible to make adjustments if necessary.

How successful is your organization?

Jester Tools helps organizations to be successful in a changing world. With online tools to make sharp plans, to implement them and to learn continuously. Together with your team.

Shared course

Discover opportunities and threats by trends and scenarios to explore.

Determine the strength and vulnerability of the organization with it business model canvas.

Create a strategic plan with an inspiring objective, concrete goals, sharp choices and actions with it OGSM model.


Create a shared objective and a common plan that the team feels owner of.

Develop one clear method to regularly discuss the progress of actions and learn from the results.

And ensure a clear division of roles in the team.

Insight and overview

Always give team members access to the current version of the plan.

Monitor the status of strategies, indicators and actions and make adjustments where necessary.

With our unique OGSM tool you have insight and overview and as a team you can focus on the content.

Your own toolkit or project community

For organizations

Get a better grip on the future. Develop your vision and strategy together with employees and external stakeholders. Monitor the progress of the implementation. Learn from the experiences and make adjustments.

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For consultants

Increase the efficiency of your projects. Increase support. Increase the fun. Our community has proven itself in numerous projects and is available completely white label.

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For platforms

Support entrepreneurs in your constituency to create more added value and be successful. Inspire them with trends and examples. Give them the tools to develop strategy. And bring people together to learn from each other.

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