Collaborate on the future

Online tools

for co-creating vision and strategy

and monitoring implementation

Anticipate change with the online toolkit of Jester Tools


Share trends, cases, videos and studies to inspire users about the future. Show developments, but also the urgency to respond to them.


Practical tools to move from inspiration to vision, strategy and action.


Start a dialogue. Learn from each other. Ask questions. Share ideas. Collaborate in the tools.

The result: more impact

More support

Involve people more closely in the development of vision and strategy. And involve more people. Co-creation creates more support for the choices you make.


Better results

By involving more people you use more insights, more inspiration, more ideas, more considerations.

More transparency

The people involved are always well informed. They join up thinking and participate. The process and the results are transparent.


More efficiency

Brainstorming, informing and giving feedback online provide for a more efficient process. In the workshops you then immediately can dive into the heart of the matter.


Your own toolkit or project community

For organizations

Get a better grip on the future. Develop your vision and strategy with employees and external stakeholders. Monitor the progress of implementation. Learn from the experience and make adjustments.

For consultants

Increase the efficiency of your projects. Increase support. Increase the fun. Our community has proven itself in numerous projects and is fully white label available.

For business and branch associations

Support members to create more added value and to be more successful. Inspire them with trends and examples. Give them tools to develop strategies. And bring people together to learn from each other.

The basics: communicate and collaborate

Invite participants and log in

Adding participants or importing from Excel.

Personal invitation with instructions to activate the account.

Sign in with LinkedIn.

Share information

Publish information on content pages.

Add images, videos, tables, charts, special formatting & layout.

Share (interim) results of the project in different versions.

Share project updates, inspiration and assignments in blogs.



Make participants respond to pages and blogs.

Brainstorm online with participants and publish the results.

Participants receive a daily or weekly update mail with an overview of the latest updates and reactions in the community.

Create multiple teams to share information with different groups, for example, the teams Steering Committee, Project, All participants, Workgroup.

Let participants join in or just watch, depending on their rights.


Determine the layout of the community, for example by topic or by phase.

Logo and color scheme of the look and feel of your organization.

Use your own domain name.

Handy tools: to work!


Define the scope of your strategic project together. What are the key strategic questions?
What’s your target year? Who are the stakeholders? What are the boundaries?

Future scenarios

Create different future scenarios based on the major uncertainties around you. Identify the challenges and strategic options in each scenario.

Online Document

Share (interim) results of the project on a content page with versioning and the possibility to download this in PDF.


You can either make participants brainstorm online or live during the session. Edit the ideas and publish the outcome.

Business Model Creator

Create your future business model. Which customer segments you focus on? What added value do you deliver or offer them?Through what channels? With what partners? What’s your distinctiveness, strength and vulnerability?

Action plan

Determine your actions. Evaluate the progress of actions, learn from the results and set new priorities.


Identify what macro trends of our trend collection are relevant and how to respond to them. Brainstorm about developments in your area. Determine impact and probability. And how do you respond to these trends?

OGSM Strategy Creator

Translate your ambition and business model into concrete targets, clear strategic choices and actions, guided by the OGSM-method.

Custom tools

On our platform we can quickly develop specific tools. Do you have ideas? Let us know! Then we’ll discuss the possibilities for your own toolkit.

Focus on the content, we’ll take care of the rest!


We’ve got clear instructions for administrators and users of the community.

We support you during operation.

Create new users, post content, questions? Contact us and we’ll provide the answers and solutions you need.


Passwords are stored encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone.

Encrypted connection (SSL-certificate, 256-bits)

We program along the guideline of the OWASP Top 10, containing the most significant and continually updated security risks.

Our hosting is ISO 27001:2013 and PCI-DSS v3 certified.

We have our tools regularly tested with a penetration test.

Protocols for testing and the implementation of updates.

We are proud of our customers, like …

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