Action plan

To work!

  • Make an action plan: description, deadline, who’s responsible

  • Status: To do, Busy, Done

  • Add updates to an action

  • Monitor the progress

Agile Scrum / Kanban


The Scrum board or Kanban board shows all actions. In the columns you immediately see the Status. This way you keep overview and you immediately see what you still have to do, what you’re working on and what has been completed.

Action plan

Overview of actions

The Action plan gives an overview of all actions. These actions come from different tools, like the Business Model Creator. But you can create new actions as well.


The tab ‘Status’ helps you get started and shows the latest updates.

The Action plan provides a clear overview of all actions.

Add actions

Simply add new actions

Simply add new actions

Type title and description. Determine the deadline and who is responsible.

An action can be related/ linked to other tools, like Business Model Creator or OGSM Strategy Creator.

Monitor the status.

Keep a close eye on the status of actions.

You immediately see the status of an action: To do, Busy, Done.

Simply change the status of the action by dragging.

Add status updates to actions to keep others informed.

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