Business Model Creator

Understanding the strength and vulnerability of your organization


  • Online brainstorming with stakeholders

  • Understanding distinctiveness and strength and vulnerability

  • Concrete tips and tricks for a powerful business model

  • Easy to use through interactive interface

Business Model Canvas

How to create added value for customers? How do you deliver that value? And how do you profit by it? The business model of an organization gives answers to all these questions.

The Business Model Canvas consists of 9 building blocks that together describe the business model of your organization.
9 building blocks: customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partners and cost structure.

Business Model Canvas by (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Business model in 4 steps

The tab ‘Status’ helps you to get started and shows the last updates in the tool.

In the tool you create your current or future business model. You start with a blank canvas. Step by step you fill the canvas.

1. Brainstorming

In this step we collect all input for the 9 components. Invite colleagues or externals to think along. By involving more people you get rich input and more creativity. First make clear whether you want to describe your current or future business model.

The brainstorming starts with the building block ‘Customer segments’.

All participants can join in the brainstorming individually or together.

2. Refine

Incorporate the input from the brainstorming into a logical business model. Tighten up the wording and make choices. Ask for feedback from colleagues or externals you work with to tighten up your business model.

Edit items to refine the business model.

Ask for feedback and incorporate the comments into the next version.

Highlight all items related to a customer segment.

Use labels to make connections between items.

Download the canvas as PDF.

3. Deep dive

The business model is ready. It describes how your company creates and monetizes value. But how does it relate to your competitors? In what areas you do better, faster or more efficiently than the competition? In this step you analyze your business model.

Complete the checklist to better understand the strength of your business model.

Let colleagues and other stakeholders fill out the checklist as well.

You can see the average score and the individual scores.

Users can also comment on their score.

4. Define actions

Define actions to strengthen or renew your business model.

Define actions to realize, enhance or renew the business model.

The actions are entered in the Action Plan so you can monitor the implementation.

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